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Jo's truck smashes into a small wooden bridge and Bill and Jo get out. In desperation for her own safety, she peacefully breaks off the engagement with Bill and encourages him to work things out with Jo. Bill Paxton was a storm chaser too, but left to become a successful weatherman. It was a classic, very promising mesocyclone.

Accompanied by her old partner and soon- to-be-ex-husband, Bill Harding Bill Paxtonher usual crew, and Bill's fiancee Jami GertzJo is about to try out "Dorothy", a specially-built instrument designed to spit out data from inside the vortex.

But Jan de Bont's movie takes the cake. It may not be a frightning, or even suspensful, but it does the trick. Throughout the day the storms become worse and the rivalrous race becomes more intense. Apparently, nature doesn't make a good enough villain, so the writers of Twister decided to add some nasty human rivals.

They continue storm chasing in Bill's truck, with Melissa in the back seat. Considerations of theme and character become secondary to action and mind- numbing excitement.

The plot is expected to be very basic -- only complex enough to frame the spills and chills. A doctor takes a cell phone call, and exclaims without context, "She didn't marry your penis!

Summer after summer came more explosions and associated disasters of some sort. It's a challenge to make bickering people likable, but Hunt and Paxton do it.

Not everything in "Twister" works. And fortunately, the action scenes are much more memorable than the drama scenes, and they serve to sway this critic into the recommend side of the ratings scale.

A high-concept blockbuster that emphasizes special effects over three-dimensional characters, Twister's visceral thrills are often offset by the film's generic plot.

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What more could we ask? We go home and change our underwear if we ever get hit. Neither gadget has been field tested and both groups of storm chasers are anxious to find tornadoes. Was this review helpful?

Twister doesn't have any pretensions. Meanwhile, Jonas attempts to deploy DOT-3 and in the process he ignores Bill's warnings to turn around as Bill and Jo realize that the tornado's track is beginning to shift.

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More than twenty-five years later, that little girl has grown up to be a tornado chaser. It's a perfect motion picture roller coaster -- fun, fast, and furious And it helps that both Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton, while not "major" stars, are likable and share a pleasant camaraderie. Was this review helpful?

Granted, the plot is nothing more than an excuse to create some impressive visuals and loud noises but then again, wasn't de Bont's previous feature "Speed" like that, too?

A man is shown trying to keep a storm cellar shut before getting violently blown away by a tornado in front of his wife and young daughter. There's nothing quite like standing in the path of a monster storm, even if it earns you the label of having a death wish in fact, it's the possibility of death that gets the adrenaline pumping.

The film follows a pattern more predictable than a Tyson fight: Positive Messages No real positive messages. You can nitpick it to death if you know stuff. The tornado continues on to Wakita, devastating the town and injuring Meg while destroying her house. Twister United States, The clouds being shown were from an actual tornado chase video.

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They bicker, but it's often funny. Part of the fascination is that this film was breaking new ground in CGI, striving to get those tornadoes looking right. This particular disaster movie, which pits man against an implacable, unstoppable enemy, owes as much to Godzilla and Jurassic Park as to The Towering Inferno and The Poseidon Adventure.

The effects are outstanding, and the cinematography is both beautiful and scary.May 10,  · Watch video · Twister, one of the most successful movies of the 90's, mainly due to it's special effects and a lot of people's want for a natural disaster movie that is fun to watch, this was an extremely popular movie/10(K).

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May 10,  · By the end of the movie, we will have seen five, including a double twister (“The Sisters”) and a dreaded Level 5 Tornado (“The Finger of God”--no prizes for guessing which one).

Before they split up, Bill and Jo invented “Dorothy,” which is a machine for studying tornadoes/5. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Twister at agronumericus.com Read honest and unbiased product Twister › Customer reviews; Customer reviews.

out of 5 stars. 2, out of 5 stars. 5 star The year is and the special effects in Twister really made this movie stand out to a nine-year old little boy because I.

Twister is a American epic action disaster adventure film starring Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton as storm chasers researching tornadoes.

Twister (United States, 1996)

It was directed by Jan de Bont from a screenplay by Michael Crichton and Anne-Marie Martin. This movie is not too scary for children but the language is terrible. The "g** d**n" reference used multiple times is inappropriate for children.

Talks about getting drunk, being naked and throwing liquor bottles at tornadoes. The "f" word is used along with "s** of a b****". Absolutely not a movie for children.

May 10,  · Watch video · Twister is a big dumb summer blockbuster with no pretensions whatsoever. I *like* the fact that the money is all up there on the screen - lots of tornadoes ripping apart farmhouses and throwing trucks around/10(K).

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