An annotated bibliography on the issue of police misconduct and brutality

The Activist's Guide to Police Reform For many communities of color, incidents of racial profiling, excessive use of force, and questionable stop-and-frisk practices are the norm rather than the exception and significantly contribute to the erosion of confidence in police departments.

Use of force by police: Arguments against the use of even retired police officers in a civilian review process suggest that inevitably these officers will remain committed to the interests and values of their previous police culture and occupation and will be unable to operate in a completely impartial or detached manner.

However, not all countries have laws in place to protect civilians from police misconduct. Generally they have demonstrated that police officers and their organizations represent an insular and protective occupation with a distinctive and powerful organizational culture.

Only the cop who does not feel like he is morally wrong engaging in corrupt activities will be openly corrupt. This distance from, and respect for, the police has changed and a media emphasis on drama and crisis has made the police newsworthy.

The author is a well accredited author who works for the The New Yorker, the information providing in the text is accurate to date. This then warrants the arrest and conviction of the civilian even though he was actually trying to protect himself and did not assault the policeman in any way.

Several major events were viewed as catalysts in the increasingly persistent call for some consistent, coherent and compelling approach to independent civilian review of the actions of individual police officers Lewis, Linden and Keene, In summary, our analysis of existing academic and policy literature suggests that there is a discernable trend away from traditional PIP models in Canada and other jurisdictions.

That they were out there doing a difficult job in the middle of the night, protecting the rights of those to protest, protecting our sons and daughters, and the mayor was behind microphones like this throwing them under the bus. The only solution to misconduct is for the officers to be held accountable.

It so happens that criminals are not logical. The use of excessive force is misconduct and it brings about the issue of police brutality.

Contemporary Police Brutality and Misconduct

We need to stop clamming police brutality and start looking to our national and state governments on how to fix a broken system on more trainings to stop the use of lethal force in America amongst or local, and federal law enforcement agencies.

Abigail Warrenand April The problem lies in the fact that police departments and other public officials openly deny or refer to reports, about police brutality from civilians, as aberrations.

The police officer on this case was also found innocent a special grand jury. These are some of the questions this report explores through a review of the available national and international academic and policy literature.

For instance while the officers are allowed by law to use force, they are expected to use only reasonable amounts force, otherwise it is police brutality.

The author gave quite a detailed history on African Americans and police involvement. Reported Disadvantages Inviting an external police investigation provides only the appearance but not the reality of an independent investigation; Academics and critics seriously question the possibility of independence for external police investigations due to their active occupational ties and commitments Prenzler, ; Police officers are usually sympathetic and responsive to informal police cultural norms e.

Police Investigating Police: A Critical Analysis of the Literature

This reference helped me to explain the different types of police brutality, and helped me give specific examples of these different types. While some officers have called this code a myth, [7] a survey found evidence that it exists.

This is one of the most discussed remedies to prevent and prove cases of police brutality, and how the use could provide definitive evidence in cases like the one in Ferguson, Mo. This site is nothing more than an outline that discusses all the characteristics of the section law. The police were armed with automatic rifles and pistols.Essay on Police Brutality.

Police Brutality is an ongoing problem and existent concern in the United States and should be resolved immediately. Law enforcement must function as an element that consists of organized and civilized officers. Whereas police brutality and misconduct are serious offenses that threatens domestic peace and tranquillity, we call upon the Congress of the United States to pass legislation making brutality and misconduct by law enforcement agents federal crimes, subject to prosecutions in federal court.

Annotated Bibliography Associated Press. "Court Overturns Convictions of Three Cops in Louima Case | Fox Fox13 in Salt Lake City’s website reported on punishing police Chiefs for not reporting misconduct, Utah Peace Officer Standard and Training conduct police brutality have happened so much and so little has been done that people are.

Jun 22,  · Police Misconduct Essays (Examples) The first major issue involves what educational requirements should there be for police officers. The second major issue is the prior misuse of females in law enforcement and how that can be remedied.

Police brutality and racial discrimination in criminal justice is one of the many facets of Black. Police misconduct refers to inappropriate conduct and or illegal actions taken by police officers in connection with their official duties.

Police misconduct can lead to a miscarriage of justice and sometimes involves discrimination and or illegal motives of segregation combined as obstruction of an effort to control police misconduct, there is an accelerating trend for civilian.

Research Paper On Effects Of Police Misconduct

The image above can be depicted as a political image although it is gruesome the T-shirt is an image that reflects on Mayor Bill De Blasio. American citizens and law maker in the state of New York were wanting Bill De Blasio to resign as mayor for having blood on his hand with the.

An annotated bibliography on the issue of police misconduct and brutality
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