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This confrontation resulted in the first clash between India and Pakistan in The net result of all this being a big zero we remain as is where is even after fifty years of attempting for a solution.

It was on the 6th of May, that some shepherds grazing their sheep noticed-movement of some uniformed soldiers moving in a suspicious manner armed with the most sophisticated weapons. The economy of Kashmir is mainly agricultural based on various kinds of timber, silk, wool, fruit, saffron, walnut, wood, carpets and various other small handicrafts.

The true facts thus came to light, and Pakistan was accepted by both the countries. The Kashmir Problem — Essay Article shared by The so-called Kashmir problem came into being almost with the independence of the country. Even the national poet of Pakistan Allama Iqbal was basically a Kashmiri.

Essay on the Kashmir Problem

The war stopped and it was decided that the opinion of the people would be asked. But violence still continues, life in the state is still insecure and thousands have migrated from the valley into Jammu, Delhi and other parts of the country. The result was a civil war.

The issue of Kashmir is not as ordinary as most of the people in India think. With bad intentions gave the districts of Ferozpur, Gurdaspur and Jullundhar to India.

The geographical location of Kashmir is tremendously important as it borders on five countries, namely Pakistan, India, China, Russia and Afghanistan. A Paradise on the Earth Kashmir that was usually called the earthly paradise due to its supreme natural beauty has now become the valley of blood, bullets, bayonets, fire and dead bodies because of the atrocities of the Indian army.

By this time, the Pakistani intruders had taken control of some very strategically important points like the Tiger Hill from where they could strike as well as obstruct and even dismantle the Leh route. Extended essay breakdown express Extended essay breakdown express research design for dissertation areej essays shooting stars poem critical essay rna interferenz dissertation meaning cygnus boss proquest digital dissertations.

It is dearly bought, continually paid for and difficult to keep. It has no approach to the sea. Kashmir still remains the most important source of friction between India and Pakistan. India has all through these years sought to find a solution to the problem, which is amicable and mutually acceptable to all the parties involved.

The accord speaks of: So far as the role of Pakistan is concerned, it is of great significance. Efforts were made through the Shimla Agreement to normalize relation with Pakistan, but not too much avail. The resolution provided that 1 Pakistan would withdraw all its forces from the state. InIndian and Pakistan signed the Simla agreement.

These latest talks are hopeful in the sense that at least there would be an end to war and brutality.Essay on Kashmir Issue Kashmir Dispute: The Kashmir conflict is a territorial dispute between India and Pakistan over the Kashmir region, the north westernmost region of South Asia.

Essay on Kashmir Conflict between Pakistan and India

India claims the entire state of Jammu and Kashmir and as ofadministers approximately 43% of the region, including most of Jammu, the Kashmir Valley, Ladakh. Published: Mon, 5 Dec Kashmir is the Northwestern region of the Indian subcontinent. Kashmir valley is the biggest one in India.

The valley is known to be the home of Sufism – miscellany of left Islamic and Hindu customs. Essay on the Kashmir Problem Article shared by Ever since India’s independence and ever since Kashmir acceded to India in the issue has remained a thorn in the side of India.

Kashmir Issue Essay. Words Sep 19th, 7 Pages. Show More. The issue of Kashmir is not as ordinary as most of the people in India think.

People. Kashmir issue is the core issue between Pakistan and India. It has a deep and direct effect on Indo-Pak Relations and peace and prosperity in South Asia.

The Kashmir Issue Essay in English for Students

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Kashmir issue essay
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