Research paper on effective classroom management

Most important, teachers must do everything possible to communicate that they will help every student succeed. When this happens, students become confused and often misinterpret when certain behaviors are acceptable and others are not.

Democratically speaking, Glasser says they also need a sense of power in addition to their need to be treated as individuals Devito, Spring But to keep ones voice at a high volume will encourage the pupils to mimic the volume, and the consequences will lead to uncontrollable noise.

Classroom Management

Above all the needs I feel I might have as a teacher, I feel my ultimate necessity is that of discipline, consistency, and structure. Students need to know the parameters and boundaries that exist in a classroom and must have a clear understanding of the consequences that will occur should they cross a boundary.

For consequences, I think that standard practice for me will be the record keeping of violations, with predetermined infractions already decided.

Effective Classroom Management - Research Paper Example

Not only do students have the needs as listed above, but according to Kohn, they also have the need to be treated as individuals Devito, Spring Relationships A second common thread that runs through all classroom management systems and all classroom experiences, in general, is the critical importance of human relationships.

Skinner proposed that proper and immediate reinforcement strengthens the likelihood that appropriate behavior will be repeated.

Display of the classroom rules need not be very detailed, but rather displayed as a guideline. By satisfying the psychological needs, student will increase the chances of choosing appropriate behavior.

This also held another effect. Teachers can improve student behavior by send I-messages and actively listening. The best work was always produced when I was relaxed and confident with the material I was introducing to the class.

Although behavioral issues differ from school to school and even classroom to classroom, effective management techniques ensure that challenges are minimal and learning opportunities are maximized. Behaviors are a form of communication. One of the most important tasks of the classroom management is to increase the actual time of the educational process; classroom management is used for the development of effective self-organizational skills, the teacher teaches students to take responsibility self-management and awarenesssets the rules and procedures for joint activities.

The entire section is 3, words. Teacher needs to respond immediately to the huge amount of incoming information — verbal reaction and silence, smiles and quarrel, resentment and misunderstanding. The physical environment of the classroom will always have an effect on the way the pupils conduct themselves.

Furthermore, Holliday asserts that teachers are increasingly expected to fill the gap caused by poor parenting, poverty and learning disabilities p. They cannot use the excuse that they were not aware of the rules and what they entailbecause they helped to create them!

What about my needs though?

Does Effective Classroom Management Prevent Discipline Problems?

I need a room that is organized, structured, and meets the needs of my instructional goals. Not only do students have the needs as listed above, but according to Kohn, they also have the need to be treated as individuals Devito, Spring Rules and expectations are the foundation of any classroom management system and must be concise and fair to ensure that students internalize standards for behavior.

Effective classroom management strategies come from years of experience working with students and years of research related to the types of responses most effective at eliminating undesirable behaviors in the classroom. Although these are the most common responses, they are ineffective at managing classroom behavior and they create disrespectful and unsafe classroom environments.

Sometimes the fault can be found on the teacher as much as the pupil. For example, teachers may develop specific routines students should follow when handing Although these are the most common responses, they are ineffective at managing classroom behavior and they create disrespectful and unsafe classroom environments.

Classroom Management Research Paper Starter

Having been monitored on one occasion, I was advised to vary the pitch of my voice when talking to the class, to incorporate facial expressions, and to bring in some jokes to the lesson. According to Glasser, quality schools can have positive academic and behavior results.

The misbehaving students, desiring the positive reinforcement, will begin to behave appropriately. By creating a warm environment where the student not only feels comfortable, but is eager to come to, you have created the beginning of a successful learning environment.

Applications As noted, no "cookie cutter" classroom management system exists. Their theoretical contributions have particular relevance to contemporary classroom management. Successful modification might improve behaviour, but it may also help to conceal a cognitive or emotional problem, or cover up an impoverished curriculum.

Classroom Management Research Paper Starter

These, in my own opinion, are some of the most important needs that a teacher might face, especially when teaching adolescents. Psychologists who criticise this method regard the reward system as a form of bribery.

Surely if they students can have that many, then so can I!Write a classroom management philosophy. Write about this theorist: William Glasser. What Awaits you: On-time delivery guarantee Masters and PhD-level writers. CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT: RESEARCH FOR BEGINNING TEACHERS by Darci Borden A failure to implement effective classroom management can lead to a level of teachers of different classroom management strategies as well as the research that explores classroom management and the frustrations behind being a beginning or first.

Research indicates that classroom management systems are effective in managing student behavior and learning because they sustain an orderly learning environment for students, enhance students' academic skills and competencies, and further social and emotional development.

A COMPREHENSIVE STUDY IDENTIFYING THE MOST EFFECTIVE CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES AND PRACTICES By Patricia Kaliska A Research Paper Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Master of Science Degree With a Major in Education. Early research in classroom management has had a tremendous impact on the way teachers manage their classroom.

Effective Classroom Management Research Paper

During the 's and the 's, classroom management was the focus of three popular approaches, the Counseling Approach, the Behaviorists Approach, and the Teacher and Effectiveness Approach.4/4(1). - Effective classroom management is found in classrooms where the teacher and student relationships are strong.

Boys’ Behaviour In An Elementary School Classroom - This paper will look at boys’ behaviour in an elementary school classroom from an education professional standpoint. Research shows that effective classroom management.

Research paper on effective classroom management
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