Summer farm norman maccaig

Where I Come From by Elizabeth Brewster would pair well with Summer Farm because just like Summer Farm, this poem also describes various natural aspects such as the mountains, the tulips, the pine woods, the blueberry patches, the yards… etc Memorable Lines 1. The fact that it stares at nothing gives an even more frightening picture, as it makes us wonder what we may find in the recesses of its mind.

In he was appointed Fellow in Creative Writing at Edinburgh. What is the poem about on you view?

“Summer Farm” by Norman Maccaig

Which other poems we have read can be compared to Summer Farm? This demonstrates the wonderfully intelligent mind of the poet in the sense that he not only sees, but observes the things that are in his view, something that many people cannot do.

He adds detail by adding numbers like 'nine ducks' and 'two straight lines'. And maybe that explains the positivity of the nature imagery: The poet has the capability of expressing these in his head, but does not and therefore the form of thought takes the form of ducks, which are considered cute and not a threat to us at all to change our mental stability quickly, just the way the poet wants these to be.

The contradictions make a peculiar atmosphere and make any kind of understanding difficult. First movement in the poem that interrupts the mood previously installed of stillness and therefore soundlessness. This opposition gives a strength to the image and depicts the straws as some kind of a miracle: The farm is no longer a rational place it spills into imagination.

Implies a sense of organisation in the thoughts of the poet before the reader, giving the impression that the poet is very calm and clear as one would have these organised thoughts when there is nothing to worry about. Its summer so light is everywhere. This image also reinforces the impression of stillness in the beginning of the poem.

Norman MacCaig

Similarly, the grasshopper jumps into the air suddenly and is suspended in air when the author mentions him, not knowing where he would land as he jumped on impulse. Speaker of the poem: This image also reinforces the impression of stillness in the beginning of the poem.

It also implies a lack of stress as stress usually is correlated with fast and muddled thinking.

“Summer Farm” by Norman Maccaig

The fact that the swallow dives up into a blue sky represents calmness, something that the poet is experiencing at the current moment. He passed by the graves on the knoll and turned his head to glance at one of the older headstones, which had interested him deeply as a boy because it bore his name.

Upon awakening the grasshopper jumped into space, perhaps in fear of the poet. One label that has been attached to MacCaig and one that he seemed to enjoy as an admirer of John Donne is Metaphysical.

Glass is actually a little green, which we can usually see when we take a big slab of glass, the thickness of which is needed for the glass to be green vary on the purity of the glass itself. He is all these selves, they make him who he is.

It could also remind of many people remember their childhood at the nearby waterhole, or something of their past that bring up a joyful bittersweet moment. The impossibility of picking up something that does not exist creates a sense of unrealism.


Sense of space, enormity, the sky does not contain anything, its endless. This is a poem about nature, yes, but this is also about the individual; our identity; the idea of an original, independent identity; and our place in the world.

When Ethan sees this tombstone, he sees his grandfather, yes, but more than that — he sees himself. The fact that it is a duck makes it hard for it to be able to change the mental state of the poet as well due to the fact that it is so cute.

Metaphors, symbols, rhyme scheme, form, imagery, repetition… etc Structural analysis 1.May 03,  · STRUCTURE: 4 stanzas each composed of 4 verses variation of nb of syllables, around 10 AABB rhyme scheme (except "as" and "grass" do not rhyme) A quite usual structure.

STANZA 1: Description of the farm and what lies around the author. "Straws like tame lightnings lie about the grass". Lightening is unpredictable and. Straws like tame lightnings lie about the grass / And hang zigzag on hedges.

Summer Farm by Norman Maccaig

Green as glass / The water in the horse-trough shines. / Nine ducks go wobbling by in two straight. Jan 27,  · Poetry Revision with Mr Brooker This video should be used for revision to stimulate your own personal response to the poem.

Line-by-line Analysis of ‘Summer Farm’ by Norman MacCaig

The poem is found in the IGCSE Po. Summer Farm - Norman MacCaig Summer Farm. Norman MacCaig. Summary: The poet lies within the depths of his mind, probably in his happy place as his mother’s family lived in the rural area, which is reflected in this story.

Everything described in the story is part of his mind, with perhaps every animal representing a different aspect of his mind. Apr 19,  · One thought on “ “Summer Farm” by Norman Maccaig ” Matt April 28, at pm.

In the first two stanzas, all of the language used by Maccaig is to display the simplctiy of the rural world. An example of this is the phrase, “Nine ducks go wobbling by”.

Summer Farm by Norman MacCaig. 1) The poet uses a simile to compare the dried grass lying around the farm to lightning that has been tamed. 2) He uses vivid visual imagery to give the reader a picture of how the straw lies around the farm .

Summer farm norman maccaig
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