The evolution of fashion through the years

For instance, Lanvin is remembered for her intricate trimmings, lavish embroideries, and beaded decorations. Blouses, Shirts and Tops In the s, the jumper blouse was introduced and became incredibly popular. During the late s long flowing "hippie" dresses were sometimes worn by teens or young women.

The 's saw a lot more commercialization of fashion with designer labels appearing on the outside of clothing as a way to promote status and trendiness. Many teens are not required to wear school uniforms at all, unless attending a private school. Flat shoes, sandals, heels and pumps with rounded toes and feminine lines were worn by women in the s.

During this time, both boys and girls wore short white socks when they were young and knee-length socks when older. Aftermen wore items such as black trousers, single-breasted wool jackets, and suits with wide lapels and wide collars. During the war-torn forties nylon and silk were replaced with rayon and viscose for formal tops, while terry cloth, linen and even canvas were used for leisure shirts.

Handbags and purses have also always been popular with women, but the styles have changed throughout the decades. Other teen girls and older children often wore cardigan sweaters, cotton frocks, and canvas shoes. Vinyl boots, moccasin-style loafers with wide heels, wedge heels, and slip-on heels with leather cut-out patterns were all popular in the s.

This was often worn with accessories such as heart-shaped sunglasses, canvas sandals, and hair tied up with bright stretchy bands. Older girls wore schoolgirl outfits such as a black or green velveteen plaid skirt with white pique blouse and feather white socks and white shoed in the late thirties.

Casual clothing that was significant of the s included denim blue jeans, often worn with a matching jean jacket.

AFP Women started wearing bolder silhouettes with more exaggerated shoulders. By the s, the silhouette of the time had almost fully transitioned from the Empire silhouette of the early 19th century to a silhouette that accentuated the fashionable feminine figure with its sloping shoulders, rounded bust, narrow waist and full hips.

In the early 19th century, high-waisted dresses were in vogue. Jean Harlow made platinum blond a trend, meanwhile, Rita Hayworth above made being a redhead popular.

Saddle shoes, white lace up shoes with brown or black leather accents, were also popular for both men and women. Hair for men was "greased" back.

Celebrities in the s and s would sometimes combine casual pieces with formal pieces for a new look. Gingham skirts were displayed in an Issue of Vogue during this decade as well, which means these dresses were most likely worn quite a bit.

Another popular type of twenties blouse was a low-cut v-neck shirt with a chemisette attached to promote modesty. Romantic goths took the dark concepts of goth culture, like hanging around in graveyards, collecting dead flowers and studying gothic architecture and literature, but wore flowing black dresses, gothic jewellery and supplemented their enjoyment of classic goth-rock with the more ethereal sounds of 4AD bands such as Cocteau Twins and classical music by Brahms and Wagner.

The s and s: A signature boys' outfit of this time is the blue jeans overall outfit, and the girls' signature outfit is the jean dress with a white trim and pink shirt underneath. Hairstyles were usually parted down the middle. Models like Kate Moss further perpetuated standards of extreme thinness.

In the s, outfits for school and sports became more casual. The s British styles were in some ways different than in the s and the s.

Taylor Swift’s Style Pics — Evolution Through The Years

This outfit was most likely worn as a swimsuit. In the s, there were a whole range of strict rules and regulations over what women could wear. Hairstyles Short boyish haircuts were popular throughout the s to the late s.

Follow the evolution of goth fashion through the years

In the s, pumps were designed with higher and thinner heels than in decades before and they became more of a hit. In the year boys often wore a wool blazer and grey shorts. A polka dot sun suit with elastic around edges of top and shorts was a big hit in the s.

Getty Images During the late Victorian Era, various women reformers opposed the restrictions of the tight-lacing and boned bodice body-modifying garments in favor of more practical clothing.

Getty Images Surprisingly, the s also saw an emergence of alternative fashions known as the Artistic Dress movement. Getty Images The empire style began as part of Neoclassical fashion, inspired from styles seen in Greco-Roman art which showed women wearing loose fitting rectangular tunics known as Peplos which were belted under the bust, providing support for women and a cool, comfortable outfit suitable for the warm climate.

The nineties school and summer fashions were made for children to be able to move and play in. Children's Fashion Toddler girls from wore laced-edged rompers which snapped on the sides. The s is the start of another evolution in children's clothing. UIG via Getty Images From todresses became slightly more structured with padded hems and firmer fabrics, such as twills and even taffeta.The Evolution of Men's Style: Now An illustrated history of the last 75 years of men's fashion from double-breasted suits to modern formal wear.

With some unfortunately large shoulder pads in between. Designer ranges from small independent designers to large fashion houses that have existed for several decades.

And, while trends still dictate the fashion world, modern designers have often drawn inspiration from the past and have modified classic looks from the past eighty years to be the height of fashion today. See President Obama’s Style Evolution Through the Years.

A Timeline of Sexy Fashion Trends Through the Years

Politics aside, you can't deny the guy's sartorial mastery. “Overall, he is the most stylish president since JFK,” says Dawnn-Karen, founder and CEO of the Fashion Psychology Institute and an instructor at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Just look at his everyday sartorial.

History of Western fashion

See Taylor Swift's style through the years -- her fashion evolution in pics!) 1 of -Taylor Swift’s Style Pics — Evolution Through The Years Taylor Swift’s Style Pics — Evolution. See how trends in lingerie and undergarments have changed and evolved over the years.

The Evolution of Lingerie. few other fashion categories. Click through to see the complete evolution. Fashion Trends through the Decades - Tufts University.

The evolution of fashion through the years
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