Writing a post card lesson plan

Ask students to sit or stand in a circle and then pull out one of the cards and read it aloud. Students and teachers will begin by sharing things they collect.

Writing Lesson Plans

Have each group come up with a list of characteristics of a good student. Invite students to share their ideas about what rules the class should have.

A numbered question is written on each card. Discuss why rules are necessary. Teacher may also give a short insight about the history of a postcard. Graphs can be constructed to record how many towns, states and countries the postcards come from.

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The students find the index cards, and the teacher calls on the student who found the question with the number 1 on it. How are they different?

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Once the rules are decided, have students copy those rules as George Washington did onto the first page or inside cover of their notebooks. I also have collected things that don't take physical form; as a kid, for example, I used to collect license plate sightings, and I was determined to personally see a license from every state in the union and every Canadian Provence; there was a list in my Mom's car of all the ones I had seen during commutes.

Her kids were giving each other individualized vocabulary quizzes based on vocabulary they found in the independent novels they were reading.

Students can give their ideas about the purpose of a postcard and what is written on one. I specialize in teaching writing using differentiated instruction techniques. In addition, students can research the places where the postcards came from.

Tell the class that their job is to brainstorm what the amendment looks like in action and create an illustration that represents their ideas. Give students feedback on their ideas and make suggestions to modify ideas, as needed. Every time the students find any of our words someplace, they can share it and receive a ticket.

Second-level words should make up the heart of your notebook's collection. Do not laugh too loud or too much at any public spectacle lest you cause yourself to be laughed at.

Students must teach all of their eight words during that time to other students in class. If desired, have students create a rough draft of their writings in a journal or on a large post-it note before copying into their journals. After ten minutes of writing, I will ask if anyone wants to either share what they wrote or something they brought in from a personal collection of theirs.

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Mail Time! An Integrated Postcard and Geography Study

You might share the rules with your students.Ten Activities for Establishing Classroom Rules | Lesson Plan When it comes to setting rules in the classroom, in some ways the old adage "hope for the best, but prepare for the worst" rings true.

Starting the school year on the right foot includes establishing classroom rules that. Colorado Reading/Writing Standard 2: Students write and speak for a variety of purposes and audiences. Objective: Students will demonstrate their understanding of the first encounter between Columbus and the Taino Indians by writing a postcard from the perspective of a.

PowerPoint Postcards Presentation Build students' PowerPoint skills with this postcard lesson plan. Students will research someplace they have visited and create postcard slides full of interesting facts to share with the class.

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Writing a post card lesson plan
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